social projects

Social Projects

Our social projects aim to support the most vulnerable groups

Linked to our desire and commitment to social aid, the Foundation is committed to supporting Social Projects that aim to support and accompany those groups in social exclusion, poverty or hardship in accessing social and educational programmes.

To carry out this mission, we collaborate, hand in hand, in all our social projects with entities involved with these groups, in order to provide both material and emotional resources to develop and provide access to these programmes to the maximum number of beneficiaries possible, with a direct impact.

Collaborate with the Food Banks!

From the Fundación Jesús Serra we have promoted a Teaming group (online platform for raising funds through micro-donations of one euro) with the aim of joining the great social initiative of the Spanish Federation of Food Banks.

Pure magic: Fundación Abracadabra

Accompaniment program for minors at risk

The joy of fulfilled wishes: Fundación Pequeño Deseo

Our Foundation collaborates with the Fundación Pequeño Deseo in helping joy and happiness form part of the treatment for children with chronic and terminal illnesses, helping to make hope their main travel companion.