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12th Poetry Competition Fundación Jesús Serra

Since 2008, we have been organising our own annual poetry competition, which has managed to attract close to one thousand poems written by participants from more than thirty countries. The period for accepting originals will be from 2 January 2019 until 30 April 2019 at 23:59.

Campus for athletes with a disability with a disability

From January 19 to 25

FOTCIENCIA Scientific Photography Competition

II Research Award Fundación Jesús Serra

The Fundación Jesús Serra Research Award is aimed at researchers of up to 45 years of age that are Spanish or have been a minimum of three years conducting research in Spain. In order to participate the candidates must be suggested by people linked to universities, hospitals or research centres in Spain. The period for the submission of candidates starts 3 December 2018 and ends on 28 February 2019, both inclusive.

Discover who Jesús Serra was

Jesús Serra portrait

Jesús Serra Santamans is mainly known for having founded Grupo Catalana Occidente and having dedicated his professional life to the world of insurance, becoming one of the most important personalities in this sector in Spain. Throughout his life, he maintained a special interest for the arts and for sports, which he actively promoted through various initiatives. In addition, one thing that characterized him was his great humanitarian spirit, with a particular affiliation for those most in need. This trait was reflected in his intense social work. 

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