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Upcoming activities

12th Poetry Competition Fundación Jesús Serra

The Jesús Serra Foundation, belonging to the Catalana Occidente Group, presented the prizes to the winners of the 12th Jesús Serra Foundation Poetry Competition on 27 June. The event took place at the Ateneu Barcelonès and were attended by representatives from the Asociación Colegial de Escritores de Cataluña (ACEC) (Catalonia Writers' Association).

Training plan for young Kenyans

Xpress Tennis Cup

This tournament is in line with our Fundación values, in which we try to encourage solidarity, effort and team work, as well as grassroots tennis so that children can learn from a very early age to enjoy this sport.

Charity paddle tennis tournament

2nd. Research Awards

Discover who Jesús Serra was

Jesús Serra portrait

Jesús Serra Santamans is mainly known for having founded Grupo Catalana Occidente and having dedicated his professional life to the world of insurance, becoming one of the most important personalities in this sector in Spain. Throughout his life, he maintained a special interest for the arts and for sports, which he actively promoted through various initiatives. In addition, one thing that characterized him was his great humanitarian spirit, with a particular affiliation for those most in need. This trait was reflected in his intense social work.