Fundación Investigación Cardiovascular

Fundación de Investigación Cardiovascular: secrets of the heart

The Fundación Jesús Serra has been supporting the Fundación de Investigación Cardiovascular for 25 years in the dissemination of knowledge in the scope of education, advisory services and support to professionals and entities that pursue a heart-healthy world. Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death on a worldwide level, and therefore the best tools to save lives is prevention and a suitable treatment.

By means of this collaboration between both entities, we are able to promote several projects by the Instituto Catalán de Ciencias Cardiovasculares (ICCC) and the Hospital de la Santa Creu y Sant Pau (HSCP). Among these projects are the creation of a Chair for Cadiovascular Research at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), whose aim is to encourage research activities and education related to the prevention of cardiovascular illnesses with the participation of researchers and visiting professors.

The Fundación Jesús Serra has also organised several events and symposiums on the World Heart Day. In addition, the researchers and doctors Lina Badimon and Antoni Bayés have published their results in renowned scientific magazines thanks to the scholarships and double grants. As a result, our Foundation promotes the advancement of progress with the purpose of establishing a better society for everyone.

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