It's not the last we'll hear of Barcelona's Paseo de Gracia

“Pianos in the Street” Activity

The cities of Barcelona (March 23) and León (May 10) will accommodate the grand pianos that we will make available to those who wish to play them.

A day to enjoy the activity that our founder, Jesús Serra Santamans was so passionate about: improvising piano melodies to the delight of those that, without venturing to play, are willing to listen. This initiative is part of the 64th edition of the Maria Canals International Music Competition, which takes place in March.

The original idea of placing grand pianos in central areas of different cities, so anybody who wishes can play them, it was promoted by the Maria Canals International Music Competition a few years ago, and was first carried out in Madrid in 2012 with our support, and thanks to its extraordinary reception, this idea has spread out to other towns and cities. Besides, our intention is to take them to as many places as possible, and with this goal in mind, the next city hosting this event will be Madrid on October 24 of 2019. 

Flyer Madrid is filled with pianos