Fundación Jesús Serra Poetry Competition 2020

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Fundación Jesús Serra Poetry Competition

In February 2021, we opened entries for the 14th edition of the Fundación Jesús Serra Poetry Competition, to award the inspiration of talented young people. This is the 14th edition, aimed at continuing to promote the writing of this literary genre that our founder, Jesús Serra Santamans, enjoyed so much. See the rules of the Fundación Jesús Serra Poetry Competition.

This annual poetry competition has been held since 2008 and has managed to attract as many as a thousand poems, written by participants from more than twenty countries. With the support of our prestigious Poetry Competition Panel of Judges, we aim to reward the best young and adult poetry writing talent; a mission that is increasingly difficult given the high quality of the work received.

Participants present their candidacy to one of the three categories according to their age —A (between ten and thirteen years), B (between fourteen and seventeen) and C (starting from eighteen) —, and the only requirement to enter is that the poems are written in Spanish or Catalan (a prize is awarded for each language and category). There are no other restrictions in terms of the topic or nationality. The poetry competition is not only aimed at boosting talent, but also to help eliminate territorial and artistic barriers.

Summary of the 14th edition of the Poetry Competition

The 14th edition of the Fundación Jesús Serra Poetry Competition closed entiries with a great success in participation, receiving more than 1,255 work presented, from 32 countries. This increase in participation and the diversity of work presented is a result of the efforts that we make year after year at the Fundación Jesús Serra. 


The winning poems of the 14th edition of the Fundación Jesús Serra Poetry Competition were: 

CATEGORY A - Catalan 

La Foieta, by Manuel Roig Abad. Ibi (Alicante) 

CATEGORY A - Spanish 

Verano de 1994, by Karmele Ruiz de Gopegui Peláez. Bilbao

CATEGORY B - Catalan

Nana, nena, nina, nona nuna, by Tània Keukenmeester Barcés. Caldes de Malavella (Girona)

CATEGORY B - Spanish 

Ni de mi casda, by Laura Hurtado Acín. Barcelona

CATEGORY C - Catalan 

Escriure, by Noa Abike Bazuaye Martínez. Barcelona

CATEGORY C - Spanish 

Estaré, by Carla Sanmartín. Madrid

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Antonio Colinas winner of the 2nd Fundación Jesús Serra Special Poetry Prize

Poet, narrator, essayist, translator, literary critic, his work has always been open to other cultures, which is why he has a clear and profound sense of universality. At the same time, his work has always had its roots in his native land.

Faithful to the fusion, which he has always defended, between the experience of living and the experience of writing, between poetry and life, his literary work could not be explained without his life experience, which happens -as analysed very well by Professor José Enrique Martínez, author of En la luz respirada, the critical edition published in 2004 by the publishing house Cátedra- thanks to long stays in various cultural areas, where he learned from and has written about, such as the southern Andalusian region (Córdoba), Madrid, Milan (Italy), Ibiza (the Balearic Islands) and Salamanca.

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