Turner Exhibition Fundación Jesús Serra 2022

Turner exhibition. Light is Colour:tour for employees at the MNAC

Fundación Jesús Serra and Amics del MNAC invite employees and mediators of Grupo Catalana Occidente to visit the exhibition of the English painter, watercolourist and printmaker Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851), recognised as the best landscape painter of the Romantic period for his mastery of light, colour and atmosphere.

About the exhibition "Turner. Light is Colour".

The exhibition explores his fascination with meteorological and atmospheric phenomena, from the beginnings of his work, in the 1790s, to the late 1840s, during a time of great change, at the start of the first industrial revolution. Through around one hundred works, the exhibition, organised jointly with the Tate Gallery in London, follows the development of Turner's compositions, from the first sketches to the watercolours, oils or final prints. 

Turner's main inspiration came from his travels in Britain and continental Europe and his landscapes incorporate a variety of sources, from classical mythology to art history or modern technological inventions, situated between tradition and innovation. This exhibition confronts the viewer with a sensory experience of nature that affects us today as much as it did his contemporaries.