Pianos in the streets Madrid

Street pianos in Madridwith "Play Me, I'm Yours"

Street pianos will be installed in Madrid on 22 September 2023

On 22 September, the centre of Madrid will be filled with pianos once again, inviting the public to engage and share their love of music. 

The 10 grand pianos will be located on a route from the districts of Las Letras to Opera, and will be available to anyone who wants to play them. Professionals, students, amateurs or even those who have never dared to sit in front of a piano can do so with the help of an instructor who will be ready to accompany them in their first attempt at tinkling the ivories.

The original idea of placing grand pianos in central areas of the city for anybody who wishes to play them was launched by the Maria Canals International Music Competition in Barcelona. The project was taken to Madrid by Fundación Jesus Serra for the first time in 2012. The music project has been repeated every year since then, and the diversity of styles as well as the availability of the instrument that isn't always accessible to everyone has led to its huge success.