CNB - CSIC Project: We are supporting research into a vaccination against COVID-19

COVID-19 research project

At Fundación Jesús Serra, we are firmly committed to maintaining the public's safety and health. An approach that, in the face of the health crisis resulting from Covid-19, is becoming more relevant than ever. 

With the aim of vindicating the work of Spanish healthcare professionals, scientists and researchers and, as a result, ensuring that society's health problems are dealt with, we have donated €350,000 to the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council), which is one of the research groups leading several projects to protect the population from infection. 

Specifically, this contribution is going to one of the research groups of the CSIC National Centre for Biotechnology (CNB). Since January, the CNB has been leading various projects aimed at a detailed understanding of the structure of this coronavirus, developing the appropriate vaccines and protecting against the infection