Fundación Investigación Cardiovascular

Grants programme for training in Clinical Management of Healthcare Units

At the Fundación Jesús Serra, we are working with the Fundación Interhospitalaria para la Investigación Cardiovascular in the grants programme for healthcare professionals to help them enrol in the Master's Degree in Clinical Management of Healthcare Units delivered by the Instituto para la Mejora de la Investigación Sanitaria (IMAS).

This aim of this Master's is to provide healthcare professionals with the management tools and skills to optimise the running of the healthcare clinical units that they will manage and to perform their services with maximum efficiency. Clinical management provides the patient with comprehensive healthcare, improves the quality and safety of healthcare processes and favours the accessibility and continuity of healthcare. This helps efficiently reduce its fragmentation, waiting times and the transfer of information between healthcare units.

The candidates are selected under strict curriculum-related criteria, in which we especially value their level of implication and responsibility leading clinical units.

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