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Project Luisa Farré: physiotherapy andtraining for African women

Project Luisa Farré, aimed at improving the gynaecological and obstetrical conditions in developing countries

The Luisa Farré project is named after the wife of Jesús Serra Santamans, the founder of Grupo Catalana Occidente. It was set up to address the obstetric and gynecological harm, in many cases fatal, suffered every day during pregnancies and deliveries by many women in developing countries. Its goal is in alignment with the third of the Sustainable Development Goals for the year 2030 approved by the UN, focusing on sexual and reproductive health goals and children's health.

The implementation of this project will be carried out through the NGO Ser Madre & Ser Mujer and, specifically, by the team comprising Spanish physiotherapists and osteopaths Nerea Roldán Galdós, Raquel Pérez Queipo and Ana Ramos Ramírez, along with another colleague, also a physiotherapist or a support midwife. They will be responsible for training local health personnel in innovative, systematized interventions at a preventive and therapeutic level, achieving good care during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum, and helping to combat obstetric complications in mother and child.

Over the next three years, two annual programs will be implemented in the Senegalese regions of Thiès and Casamance. The first of them, Be Mater, will focus on physiotherapeutic issues before, during and after delivery, taking into account the health of the newborn; the second, Be Mulier, will focus on the urogynecological care of patients.

This model can be extended to other countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia, where similar problems are faced in the field of obstetric and urogynecological care.