Manos Unidas

Manos Unidas

A good education, a bright future

The situation of the educational system in Haiti, the poorest country in the American continent, is noted for its precariousness: the literacy rate is 57%, the school offer is very weak in the rural environment, nearly half a million children do not have access to basic education, the academic background of teachers is insufficient in many cases…

Against this backdrop, Manos Unidas and the Fundación Jesús Serra have joined up to pursue a very clear objective: to improve educational quality in the northwest region of Haiti, where there is only one school.

The purpose of this collaboration consists in consolidating and unifying the pedagogical and educational management criteria in the schools that comprise the educational network Foi et Joie Haïti and in those that aspire to become part of it in the northwest region of Haiti.

The project will be implemented around three main lines of action (school and community organisation, the dynamisation of teachers and curricular dynamisation). One hundred and three people (85 teachers and 18 directors) will benefit directly from the programme and 2,040 pupils will do so indirectly.

Undoubtedly, a country's driver of development resides in its educational system. We are doing our part from the foundation with the aim of trying to restore hope of a better future in a country that, since the severe earthquake of 2010, continues its fight towards recovery.

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