Save the med

Save the Med"Changemakers" project

Save the Med encourages students to participate in the "Changemakers" project and gives them the chance to take part in scientific expeditions at sea

The Save The Med Foundation is a non-profit organisation that works to regenerate the Mediterranean Sea, one of the most fragile seas on the planet. Through cutting-edge marine research, community projects and education, Save The Med communicates science to local communities, inspires action, invites collaboration and helps to form a generation of changemakers.

Our Foundation partners with Save the Med in the Changemakers Project.

Students from the Balearic Islands participate in the project, through which they develop ideas and campaigns to reduce plastic pollution. Through their actions, these students help bring about a positive change in their homes, schools and communities, and every year, the five teams that present the projects with the most impact are invited to join the Save The Med Foundation's research and education team on board marine scientific expeditions to help explore and protect the fascinating wildlife in the Mediterranean Sea. 

The Changemakers project seeks to involve students as active participants in the protection of our seas. More specifically, students are encouraged to address the problem of excess consumption and the unnecessary use of disposable plastic items in our daily lives, with innovative ideas and positive actions.

Each year, the participating schools form teams and produce high-quality ideas and campaigns that involve their communities in reducing plastic pollution. Through their projects, they encourage everyone to get involved, from teachers to younger students and local companies, raising awareness and having a positive impact on the communities of the islands. The projects with the most impact are selected by a panel of expert judges, and the teams will be invited to join Save The Med to enjoy exciting and unique marine scientific experiences at sea.  Learn about the winning projects selected.

Although plastic pollution is a well-known danger to the environment and human health by now, large amounts of plastic continue to be produced worldwide. The production curve is expected to keep rising in the next decade unless urgent measures are taken. The Changemakers project encourages the next generation to think about innovative alternatives to our current unsustainable production and consumption model.

The new edition of the Changemakers programme is expected to transition to the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) to promote joint work on innovation and research to design solutions for plastic pollution.