Doctors Without Borders 2020

Healthcare projects

Fundación Jesús Serra is collaborating with Doctors Without Borders to cover healthcare needs in the Mulungu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is going through a period of political instability. Armed rebel groups, which have occupied the area, make it difficult to provide healthcare services, leaving the population exposed to epidemics. To resolve this internal conflict, the foundation and Doctors Without Borders have invested efforts and deployed healthcare personnel to the Mulungu area. 

The main task of this operation is to provide care to the population of the area, especially to the most vulnerable: children and pregnant women. To do this, hospital care is offered to the whole population at primary healthcare centres, at the mother and child care centre and at the Kigulube hospital. In addition, the installation of a solar plant has been proposed to ensure the necessary energy supply. This collaboration will make it be possible to provide care for 4,384 children, 395 mothers during childbirth and 224 people in need of surgery.

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