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Project to reduce infant mortality in Africa

The Hospital Nacional Simão Mendes in Guinea-Bissau: a new project fighting against infant mortality

Since its independence in 1973, Guinea-Bissau has gone through several sociopolitical episodes that have unfortunately affected its almost one and a half million inhabitants, who live in a country that is positioned 178 in the world ranking of 188 as established by the Human Development Index. This African state's population survives with less than a dollar a day in a place where public authorities are practically non-existent.

Among the inhabitants of Guinea-Bissau, the children are the most disadvantaged. The neonatal and infant mortality rates are extremely high, and among the most common causes are malaria and respiratory diseases, all of which can be prevented or cured with appropriate medical care.

For this reason,Doctors Without Bordersis working on the Hospital Nacional Simão Mendes project in Guinea-Bissau, the main goal of which is to reduce infant mortality thanks to the healthcare provided in the country's medical center of reference.

Thanks to this project, not only have the mortality rates been reduced, but also the country's medical staff has been trained with the purpose of guaranteeing that they have the knowledge required to fight against the illnesses that are threatening the youngest ones in the area.

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