Xpress Tennis Cup


The Foundation and sport

At Fundación Jesús Serra we are committed to the development of sport and people with physical, intellectual or sensory disabilities through sporting events and actions, aimed exclusively at this group of persons.

Thanks to our work with centres such as the Adaptive Winter Sports Centre, or the Fundación de Deporte y Desafío (Sports and Challenge Foundation), we have managed to achieve the integration and evolution of sports and disability by helping to promote physical activity for people with disabilities.

Furthermore, with it we seek to foster the integration of people with disabilities in different types of sports and physical activities, an example of which are professional wheelchair tennis players Quico Tur and Lola Ochoa.

The tennis tournament based on Xpress Tennis Cup and the Fundación Jesús Serra ski trophy, which takes place in Baqueira Beret, are some other examples of our most noteworthy sporting events.

What we do

Encouraging the practice of sport

Competitive skiing is encouraged among young people and students, bringing together sport and training in the Fundación Jesús Serra Ski Trophy.

In addition, the Xpress Tennis Cup is one of the tournaments organised by Fundación Jesús Serra that promotes tennis among young children.

Supporting adapted sports

Support for Adaptive sports, both professional and amateur. Fundación Jesús Serra collaborates with elite athletes such as Quico Tur and Lola Ochoa, for the integration of sport and disability

We promote physical activities for disabled family members

We promote sports activities for disabled family members Together with this, we work on activities focused on these people thanks to our collaborators and mediators, considering well-being in the development of sport.

More projects

Xpress Padel Cup 2023

In 2023, the 3rd edition of the Xpress Padel Cup sports championship took place, an initiative of Fundación Jesús Serra and in collaboration with Wilson.

Sports experience in Gipuzkoa

The Spanish Cup for adaptive alpine skiing

Lola Ochoa

We support the professional career of the tennis player Lola Ochoa, considered one of the greatest wheelchair tennis players in Spain.