Charity paddle tennis tournament for the Apadema association

Charity paddle tennis tournament

The Fundación Jesús Serra supports Apadema in its mission to assist adults with disabilities. The association helps them to develop their personality and to integrate into society.

The Fundación Jesús Serra has been collaborating with the Association of Parents for the Promotion and Support of Adults with Mental Disabilities (Apadema) for over twelve years, helping to organize its annual charity paddle tennis tournament. Through this tournament, which employees of the Grupo Catalana Occidente take part in, the Fundación promotes the association's work, as well as raising funds for its mission.

The main goal of this non-profit organization, which was set up in 1983 by a group of parents with grown-up children affected by mental disabilities, is to promote, cure, and treat adults with mental disabilities to ensure they receive the necessary support in order to develop their personality and become integrated into society.

Thanks to the support of organizations such as ours, Apadema has been able to continue providing support to women affected by moderate and severe mental disabilities, providing services to users with limited financial means, and developing new programs to help participants develop personal autonomy and join the labor market, thus facilitating their integration into society.

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